View 04 Gto Ac Belt Diagram PNG

View 04 Gto Ac Belt Diagram PNG. The bottom one with the purple belt 73. Cs = crankshaft gen = alternator t = tensioner ac = air conditioning pas = power assisted steering wp = water pump.

Chevy 92066950 Ac Mount Bracket Jegs
Chevy 92066950 Ac Mount Bracket Jegs from
This is a great little movie, which is done by a mechanic and explains how to go about changing your serpentine belts. To remove the a/c system, cut the belt, unbolt everything. A/c clutch, cags, injector voltage, neutral switch, ground 12.

The in74ac04 is identical in pinout to the ls/als04, hc/hct04.

Gear and sprocket kit, ac belt. Ok i have a 5.8l 351 windsor w/o the smog and w/o the ac basically the diagram in hitokori's post. My ac belt broke and the i then noticed the adjuster for ac idler pulley. In november, i replaced my ac belt, engine belt, hydraulic tensioner and pulley for my 04 3.0 at 85k miles.

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